Tabani Group dates back to 1885 where it made its humble beginning under the name and style of M/s. H.A Ganny Brothers in Rangoon, Burma led by the present Chairman’s grandfather whose trade with Japan and the European countries established a reputation which is diligently upheld even today. This fact could very well be evidenced from the book, “TWENTIETH CENTURY IMPRESSIONS OF BURMA” on page 331 published by Great Britain Publishing Company Limited 1910.

The Shifting to former East Pakistan and then to Pakistan left the family undeterred and hard work multiplied their achievements each time. The assets of an unblemished reputation for honesty and integrity are jealously guarded and upheld at every juncture. The roots of the present group are based on dedication, honesty and a will to achieve.

Since the four decades, 3rd generation of the Tabani Family took charge of Group under the ambitious leadership of the late President M. Ebrahim Tabani, worked hard to set-up a strong manufacturing base in textile and leather garment products and Building Construction to promote development projects in the field of Aviation, Supplies to Pak Steel Mill; projects of Oil & Gas; Pakistan Railways, Electric Energy Projects in Hydel, Thermal, Renewable Energy etc and catering to all needs of Pakistan Defense forces; participating as suppliers of all sorts of commodities fertilizer etc

After the demise of Mr. Ebrahim Tabani, the responsibility was taken over by Mr. Yaqub Tabani, who is the current Chairman of the Group; and shouldered by his sons Mr. Humza Yaqoob Tabani (Vice Chairman), Mr. Hatim Tabani (Executive Director) to have a firsthand pulse of the market, setting forth the target and therefore to enhance export trade, there was a need to have international market network, particularly in view of the rapidly changing regional corporate environment and the development of socio-economic and political conditions the world over. These challenging circumstances have led to the gradual opening of Tabani Group’s overseas offices / representations at more than half a dozen locations internationally. Presently, the Group has offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Russia, C.A.R.s. and representatives offices worldwide.

The Group is contemplating for opening a few more offices to deal directly with new potential markets in order to pay more attention towards areas that are presently looked after by nearby branches particularly in African States and China. The Group’s growth is the result of efficient and quality services, for which it has received several national and international awards and commendations. Our goal is to introduce state-of-the art technologies and transfer of knowledge to meet the needs and challenges of the future.

TToday, automation, which is sought all over the world to maximize profits, is shunned by the Group with the sole purpose of providing jobs to as many as possible. Sharing is a belief of the family.


In the chapter “Rangoon” of the book “TWENTIETH CENTURY IMPRESSIONS OF BURMA” published by Great Britain Publishing Company – Limited in 1910.

On page 364 with serial no 3 writers mentioned “Mr. YACOOB ABDOOL GANNY” grand father of the Group’s present Group’s Chairman as “NATIVE MERCHANT OF RANGOON”


"Writers wrote on page 331"

“MR. YACOOB ABDOOL GANNY is the honorary treasurer of Young Men’s Mahomedain Association in Yangoon. His business house is at 35, Merchant Street, where he has extensive dealings as an importer of piece-goods and hardware, and as an exporter of Burma products, such as cutch, beans, &c. During a visit which he recently paid to England he visited the principal manufacturing houses, and so was able to obtain knowledge of details useful to him in the conduct of his own business. The son of Abdool Ganny, he was born in Bombay Presidency thirty-five years ago. In 1885 he joined his two brothers in Yangoon and they traded under the style of H. A. Ganny Brothers. One of the brothers died in 1895, and the other in 1899, when Yacoob Abdool Ganny became sole proprietor of the business. He has four sons and three daughters”.