“As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of heritage, tradition and commitment to our communities. As a forward-looking international corporation, we have the highest standards of corporate governance, professionalism and operational standards. The combination is compelling.
In a growth science fueled by a recovering economy and external factors like the regional evolution and face changing of the world. The changing of Kremlin former USSR and emerging of Russia Federation with Central Independent states, Central Asian Republics; End of war in Afghanistan; slowly and steady growth of European Economic Community Countries and Republic of China emerging as one of the superp ower spreading its entire trade wings world over. Pakistan, having bilateral trade activities with all friendly countries has put Tabani Group on road map to capitalize on Investments in Energy starring and logistic fields by moving age traditional Textile and commodities business to one of the leading and partnership of world renowned Companies in the field of Building & Construction ; Aviation (Private Airline & Tourism) Oil and Gas, Electricity Power Projects, Hydel, Thermal Power, Railways, Defense Industry requirements, steel Mill requirements, Mining and Minerals and the aim for revival of traditional old Textile and Commodities Trade worldwide. Led by a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals, Tabani Group/Tabani Global continues to set new standards of excellence in the local economy by offering world class state-of-the-art products and service. The Group’s prestigious position is testimony of the visionary foresight and relentless efforts of the Group’s leadership, which have led it to achieve many milestones and landmarks over the years, thus making it a benchmark in the economy of Pakistan.
The Group has offices throughout the major cities of Pakistan and managers its international operations from overseas representative’s offices in U.A.E, CARs, Russia and Associated Partners worldwide.
As the world of business changes, so are we: with new investments in new sectors, complementing and building on our current success.
Our journey is one that is driven by vision, by ambition and by pride. We are tremendously proud of our achievements to date but we do not rest our laurels. We constantly set ourselves new challenges, as we progress towards future success.
Whether as customer, as vendor, as partner or as colleague, we hope you join-and enjoy-our journey”


  1. Member Association of Builders and Development Board (ABAD)
    • - As Convener Valuation Table, Registration & Taxation
  2. MBA from AMI Karachi
  3. Microsoft Certified System Engineer - Dubai
  4. Certification in Communication & Business Development
    • - From Lahore University of Management & Science (LUMS)
  5. Member Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  6. Member Pakistan Defence Housing Authority
  7. Member Defence Authority Country & Golf Club
  8. Member Karachi Club
  9. Overseeing Al-Khaleej Operations

Mr. Humza Y. Tabani, Vice Chairman – Tabani Group, is the spearhead of fourth generation entering the Group and has been guided by the third generation. After going through the rigorous academic career by completing his MBA with a reputable University and stepped into practical business environment and joined hands with his superiors to contribute in the betterment and success of the Group, as:

Director Textile – Group’s Textile Division

From 1996 to 2000 – He used to head textile-weaving units, woven and knit clothing and whole textile division. He attended number of seminars, conventions, exhibitions, meetings in CIS Countries during this period, where the group as a whole has made every possible efforts and endeavor to increase exports from Pakistan.

Director Cargo and Courier Service
“Aero Asia Int’l” & “Aero Express” - Group’s Aviation Division

From 2001 to 2002 – As Director Cargo of the Largest and the first Private Airline of Pakistan. Controlled Cargo and Courier Service Division of the Airline and managed trading particularly in precious commodities, textile, metals and food items in different friendly countries.

Director Operation – Aero Asia Int’l - Group’s Aviation Division

From 2001 to 2002 – As Director Operation to look after the Airline Operation, analyzing the Marketing strategies, subordinate performance report customer information and inquiries.
Mr. Humza Y. Tabani was also actively engaged in Aviation providing Air Charter Service and had over the period successfully provided passenger and cargo charter to both Government and Private Sector Organizations.

His educational background, business exposure, global association with productive business partners and discrete exposure to top magnates of the world induced in him a strong desire to positively contribute to progress of business.

International exposure

He has visited foreign countries to meet and share his experiences, knowledge, views and ideas with key players and personalities of trade and business and attended various seminars, conferences and exhibition related to Textile, Engineering, Construction works, Aviation, Oil & Gas Industries, Railways and Defence Industry.
The ideas and development brought home were modified and implemented in Group to give an edge on competitors and to enhance the goodwill and reputation.

From 2002 to 2006

In 2002, the Board of Directors decided and promoted him as a “CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER”. He used to handle the whole Airline operation and policy formulation and actively involved in the negotiations, decision and carrying out the operational planning of “Aero Asia International (Pvt) Ltd.”

Construction and Real Estate

He promoted the Group in the field of Construction and Real Estate with a name of “Al-Khaleej Builders and Developers” and launched its first well-modernized project of “AL-Khaleej Towers” which is a consortium of well reputed Business Conglomerates and Builders of Pakistan.

He is Executive Member of Association of Builders and Development Board (ABAD) and also serving as Convener – Valuation Table, Registration and Taxation.

Member of the Board of Directors

He is a member of Board of Directors of Tabani Group. He is engaged in the policy formulation, further planning, decision making and implementation of the pre-decided objectives and pre-determined targets of the Group.

He was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Group w.e.f November 2012. With visionary and progressive thoughts and Innovative Ideas, he revamps the Group’s business structure into dynamic and well diversified form and undertakes the journey of further progress of the Group with modern business techniques.